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5.0 out of 5 stars What a wild ride the author Bill Ames took me on!, April 20, 2014

What a wild ride the author Bill Ames took me on. Being from the Myrtle Beach area and seeing all the limos driving around, my imagination as to what really happens is now heightened.

I know it's fiction, but the limo stories seemed as crazy as the stories I've herd of. The main character Limo Bill has a witty sense of humor as he narrates all the story lines and ads depth to each scene making it sense to it all. I was drawn in by the human interest way of his thinking and kept me intrigued as to what was next for all the characters. His girlfriend Annie was the object of his affection. Just their story alone offered romance that seemed real and twisted at the same time. Yes, sex was always in the air and yet tastefully done. If only!!!

I've read plenty of spy and hit man type books and seen many movies of the same but Limo Bill and his Dr. associate came up with a very effective way of administering the kiss of death to his assassin targets. Killing was never so swift with a built in alibi. He only kills bad people and does it with a great explanation of why and how and looks to mentally justify each kill. You want to believe him because he speaks in a genuine manor. I would never want to be on his bad side. Beware of the bandade.

If you like humor, Mr. Ames delivers. He has made a believer out of me the many short stories of his assassin work, the parties, limo rides, romance and sex. Never a dull moment. The book ends on a cliffhanger and I won't spoil the ending. A fun read I couldn't put down. I recommend this to anyone who loves a funny and romantic story with a whole lot more. 5 star in my book. Can't wait until the next book or movie from the author.


Review on Amazon by Christine  April 8, 2014

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Limo Bill the Undercover AssassinLimo Bill the Undercover Assassin by Bill Ames
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As the author, I'm not sure if leaving a review is valid, however, I will say a few words to explain the process of this book. Driving a Limo in Myrtle Beach allowed me to see first hand the wild scenarios of the many clients. Some version of the truth is depicted and altered in the storylines the reader gets to enjoy.

Add the paid assassin angle with driving the limo as a cover interwoven with the limo stories, sex stories and party stories took on a direction all it's own. It's a fictional book but the stories makes the characters appear like real people with real life situations and a human touch that is easy for you to relate to.

The main character narrates the story with his many thoughts and struggles to deal with, the assassin responsibilities, the fun of his passengers in the limo and his relationship with Annie. He learns that all the money in the world can't prevent bad things from happening with the devastating ending he experiences.

More details can be found at including information on the erotica version if interested.

If your looking for a fun read that's humorous and a real page turner, this is for you. All I ask is for an honest review from an entertainment perspective and spread the word if you like it.

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As an assassin, Limo Bill only kills bad people.  At times he has internal struggles dealing with killing his targets.  Each kill has a story line bringing real life emotions to the characters and has a special way to end the bad person's life.  As a Limo driver, he sees an intoxicated side of people, that might bring back some memories, some you may wish to forget. The party stories read like drunks gone wild!  Limo Bill has a romantic side to his view of life, a little demented with the sex scenes in the erotica version, but romantic just the same.

The book delivers shock (Yikes!) and Ahhhhhh (Like seeing a cute puppy).  

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4.0 out of 5 stars What's not to like about an assassin with heart?, April 8, 2014 By Christine (USA)

After I finished reading, all I could think was `Holy beachballs. Did I see Limo Bill the last time I was in SC?' I was on vacation for a couple of weeks last December and unfortunately never called for limo service, but you can bet I wracked my brain for a memory of at least seeing one. Too many Christmas lights must have distracted me, but no doubt I'll be on the lookout next time.

The story takes place in Myrtle Beach, where limousine driver Bill is surrounded--both on and off the job--by beautiful women who adore him. Except he's never really off the clock because when he's not driving his motley crew of clients from hotel to clubs and back again, he and longtime girlfriend Annie are planning his next hit. Yep, you got that right; Bill's a hired assassin whose targets happen to be big time baddies. So he and his partner lose no sleep when it comes to snuffing out the dregs of humanity. Though I don't think they sleep much anyway, they've got non-stop sex drives and they're not afraid to use them!

I think that's what made this novel most entertaining, the mix of action, suspense (who's next on the list?) and romance. The down-to-earth lead character narrates in a way you slip right inside his head and experience firsthand the zany antics of his clients, the undercover angst of not getting made by victims or authority, and his deep affection for Annie. By the way, the main character and his occupation(driver, not killer) are based on real life, while the rest is inspired by his amazing clientele.

I won't spoil anything, but I absolutely love this assassin's MO. It's creative, sort of James Bondish, and definitely provides good cover to ensure he'll be in the business awhile. Kudos.

I can picture the next book cover with Limo Bill standing on the hood of his chariot wearing a cape. Oh, yes, there's a next book. This one might tick off a few people because we're left hanging, but an afterword by the author softens the blow a bit so I don't think there will be a riot. Probably just a lot of nudges and pokes for a release date of the next installment. There were some style issues I suspect may have occurred during formatting, but I highly recommend for lovers of `based on true stories' and humor fans. You won't be disappointed.


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To my many followers, I just wanted to Thank You for all your encouragement and support!

Also, For Days I am participating in the Hollywood Pitch Fest July 31 thru August 3rd, 2020

  • 20 meetings are now completed and I learned a lot and had mostly positive feedback about the book Limo Bill the Undercover Assassin with possibilities of reaching Hollywood in either movie form or as a TV series.  Companies showed interest and hopefully they'll contact me for further discussions and want to partner up.  It was done with Skype but I just miss the days of a handshake and dialog.  Damn Covid-19.
  • 11 of the 20 meetings seemed to go very well in what they said and I consider them a maybe possibility.  Of the other 9 most said that it didn't fit their company.  After all, it's not for everyone.  Several offered feedback that I can use in the future.  In the meantime, I have begun writing the sequel and a business book for customer service to help companies improve customer service standards.

Hope all is well with everyone and I'll add more updates as I get them.

3 Words - Fun, Humorous, Entertaining

Exciting news.  The book is now in Hollywood being reviewed for a movie or TV show.  Details to come....